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Janmitram works for poor, without discrimination of caste, creed, sex, age, religion, and community. Its target group falls under scheduled caste and scheduled tribe category. It primarily works in rural areas.
Targets  groups

  1. Rural Youth –
  2. Women –
  3. Tribal & Backward communities -
  4. Elected representatives -

Organizational headquarter of Janmitram is situated in Raigarh district. It is operational in Northern parts of chhattisgarh state i.e. Bilaspur division. Working area of Janmitram is dominated by SC / ST people. Pahadi Korvas, Uraon, Birhor, and Kanvar are chief primitive tribal groups of the area.

Agricultural and forest products are chief source in Livelihood. Working area primarily falls in paddy belt of chhattisgarh, hence it is the main agricultural produce. Farming mainly depends upon natural showers as mere 14.82% of total cultivated land is irrigated. Bamboo craft, lac cultivation, Kosa-silk, bell metal etc, are also source of livelihood of artisans in few pockets. Most of artisans are traditionally associated with their craft, hence traditional methods prevails

This is why the residents in area fall under low-income group. Poverty affects not only in terms of nutrition, education, and health, but also in terms of self-reliance, awareness, and confidence. Lack of employment opportunities force people to leave home for work. Thereby human trafficking is also a big problem. 

Know more about our working are (, www.jashpur

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