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Where is the will
Creeping Revolution                More...

Sucess Stories

Where is the will   .......

There is nothing uncommon in Dhangarpara, a hamlet situated in outskirts of Gharghoda. There is also noting uncommon in siyabai, a Dalit, illiterate widow, trying to up-bring her two children and lives with her in-laws in dhangarpara.

Mrs. Sushila Thakur, Local Mitanin Prsahishika (Mitanin trainer) of Janmitram, Conducted a meeting at dhangarpara In mid 2003.. She was looking for an Educated, Effective and communicative women who can volunteer herself as Mitanin. Ladies listen, discussed and few come foreword. Mrs. Thakur asked wllingful ladies to talk the issue at home and take consent of family. The next meeting was scheduled 3 days later.

The next meeting has lower attendance. In Mrs. Thakur’s experience, it was common. Mitanin has to take care of 40-50 families, need to take trainings and pour energy in social good, to get nothing in return. None of the ladies come forward this time.

Two days later, Mrs. Thakur, Sitting at home, learnt a lady want to meet her. She came out to find Siyabai waiting. Reluctant siyabai offered herself as mitinin, and Mrs Thakur, was even more reluctant to accept. the uncommon happened.

Panchyat was more anxious to accept an illiterate lady as Mitanin. Few panch suggested their ladies, but Mrs thakur knew that siyabai is even better in comparison. Ultimately her name was accepted and she started to take trainings.

The lady alone walked 5 Km for training and often want to Mrs. Thkur’s house. Mrs Thakur also took special care of her, despite she had 23 other Mitanins to look after. Mitanin literature has lot of pictures, which help siyabai to overcome the reading inability . Day by day, trust on siyabai started to prove worthwhile. Her enthusiasm to louder and commitment was stronger.

Siyabai was given medicine kit in December 2005. She remembers day fondly. Block medical officer Dr. Bodalkar, recognized her, as she have taken 4 ladies for institutional deliveries. She is appointed as dot provider for TB. She is also selected for midwife training, by health department. She is keen and active in immunization, pulse polio etc.
She regularly visits each house of dhangarpara, telling mothers for nutritional requirements of children, keeping eye on hygiene, sanitation, and water. she had gain n-precedent respect and reputation. She constituted two women self help groups. With help of Janmitram both groups were linked to RRB Gharhgoda Once unable to find courage for speaking her mind, now is a motherly figure in the area..
Where is the will, there is the way..

Creeping Revolution

“Haman to kabhi soche bhi ni rahin ki  char kandi khet la rehan rakhbo”.  (We couldn’t have even thought of keeping two acres of land in mortgage), Savitri Bai says.
Savitri is president of Janmitram Mangla SHG in Chhote gumda village of Gharghoda block. NABARD is Assisting a Janmitram, for SHPI project in which savitri’s group formed. it had lent RS 10,000 to local landlord and mortgaged the land. They are planning to raise paddy this year and expecting profit of Rs. 25000.

Satyavati, the secretary of SHG remembers the days when the local facilitator of Janmitram, asked if they were willing to form a self help group. She and her friends talked about the concept. Few of them raised doubts and few refused to trust. However, after few discussions and meetings, their group reluctantly agreed to start with a small and ‘safe’ amount of thrift viz. Rs 2.50 per week. They opened their account in RRB Tenda Navapara in April 2004.

The group was given a compiled SHG register having attendance register, meeting and resolution register, loan ledger etc, and individual pass book far each member. Week by week the trust and confidence inside the members raised and thrift was unanimously doubled. Few other ladies requested to join the group and they were incorporated. In October 2004, the group applied for credit linkage and bank happily credited Rs. 4000 to the group.

The group started cultivation of potato on member’s land and by February all the loan amount was comfortably repaid. Group earned Rs 7000 and benefit was shared. Group also contributed Rs 2500 and labor to construct a temple at village pond. Rs 2000 was used for inter-loaning.

One day, one of the member told to group that local landlord is having a tough time and looking for Rs 10000, against his 2 acre of land. Group decided to reap the opportunity. They again requested to bank for a loan of the same and bank was only too happy to grant it.  Group is now having this land for at least one year and they now growing paddy on it. They are expecting the profit of Rs 25000 by november 2005. Members of the group fulmati, mohini, devmoti, paro, savitri, satyvati, mangli and others feel the decision to get in a SHG was the turning point of their life. These women have got new social status after the land deal, which they never dreamed of.

Santosh Vishi, the facilitator of Janmitram, says the success of the group has mobilized the other women. Mr. Sinha, the branch manger of RRB Gharghoda confirms that not a single SHG of Janmitram went defaulter. He feels this way a revolution is creeping in villages of Gharghoda.

Indeed, a revolution is creeping in India.


The value of my stock is 28000” Samundri tells you with a smile. Samundri Bai, is proud owner of a grocery shop at Rumkra, an ST dominated village, 51 Km south of Raigarh.
Married to an un-employed youth, Samudri and her husband used to make broom to earn daily bread. With an monthly income of Rs 700-800  life  was not easy for young couple.
Samundri joined Rani Janmitram self help group in December04.  an SHG formed under  NABARD assisted project. Mona Pandey, DRP (District Resource person) of Janmitram and frequent visitor in the area, to SHG once suggested her to start a grocery shop. “ Fine! But where is the money.” asked samundri.

“ I took six more months to reply” says Mona. This SHG was financed Rs 15000 by SBI, Gharghoda. Group lent Rs 3500 to samundri.  A month later, Smiling mona was inaugurating her shop.

Soon the shop became a success.  Samundri not only repaid the lone, but also raised the stock. In a year, material in the shop reached worth 28000 and monthly income up to 2500-3000. More furniture, new cloths and moreover, with new confidence she was showing us her shop.

Samundri is also serving as Mitanin in her village. “When you think about people, god thinks about you” she says with a grin.

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