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Rural Products

Jan Mitram is assisting a number of Women groups for social up-liftment and alleviation of poverty. Many rural Youth have also benefited from skill development programmes of organization.   These yoth and women are successfully turned into entrepreneurs and producing a variety of products. Some of them are

  • Organic Farm inputs
  • Fly Ash Bricks
  • Lac Handicrafts
  • Bell Metal crafts and
  • Tribal Art
  • Jetropa and Biodiesl
  • Lac Resin, Seed-lac, Stick-lac and brood-lac
  • Tasar silk and
  • Food products

Please checkout the  product showcase for details .
You can contact us or JMCL for placing orders for these products



Organic Farm inputs

  • Vermi-compost
  • Bio-fertilizers

A Number of Groups in Raigarh Gharghoda and Lailunga Blocks are involved in organic farm products




Fly Ash Bricks
Guru Kripa JanMitram Samhit Samuha of Village Gadgaon is producing fly ash bricks.  Total Annual production is 25,00,000 Bricks per annum.

Click here to see success story of this group.



Lac Handicrafts

Women SHGs of Chote Gumda and behramara Village along with some youth trained by janmitram produce variety of handicrafts. Crockery, showpieces, bangles, ornaments, artificial jewelries



Bell Metal crafts and  Tribal Art
The Centre of this art are Ektal, Baighandeeh , Kandulpali, Damdarha & Ghoraghati in Raigarh district.  traditional artists have expertise in Ear rings, wrist ring, Payal,Kamarbandh, necklace, bettle box, Idols of god and goddess and other home appliances. These beautiful artscrfts have demand in Metros and international market.  More



Jetropa and Bio-diesel

 Jetorpha  is the prime rural product of Chhattisgarh use as biofuel  . These rduces are plucked by Rural shgs and farmers and sold to  national and international companies . There tie up between D1 Oil and Indain oil to urcase te product . The annual production produce by SHG is 800qt whc will grow upto 3000qt in next season .



Lac Resin, Seed-lac, Stick-lac and brood-lac

Chouri and Shellac is produced by RISA-Raigarh Integrated Shellac Association through its network of SHGs and value addition units.  



Tasar silk

Raigarh district is known for Kosa , in entire country. Two types of silks are produced here, i.e. Tassar and Mulbery silk. For the production of Kosa silk the villagers of Raigarh and Sarangarh blocks have set up domestic units for silk production in their houses.



Organic Food products

  • Honey
  • Cashew-nut
  • Peanuts
  • Mango
  •  Vegetables
  • Mushroom ( Paddy straw)




Bamboo Craft

Bamboo utensils, domestic utility items, shoepieces, furniture and different kinds of art and craft is produced in various part of Raigarh . The TURI and DHANWAR tribes are traditionally associated with bamboo craft.


For placing orders please contact JMCL or RISA

The Jan-Mitra Marketing and consultancy Limited is promoted by Janmitram, with a goal to support Self Help Groups, Common Interest Groups, Farmer’s group, Artisan groups, Cooperatives and other sort of organized/ un-organized people’s associations, those working in rural areas
JMCL is involved in business of variety of commodities. However, all of them are Rural Products, produced by SHGs, farmers groups, artisans etc. Services provided by JMCL are:

  • Providing Marketing assistance for finished goods
  • Availing essential Raw material that are locally not available.
  • Networking among groups having same businesses in the area.
  • Credit facilitation through bank or MFIs
  • Insurance facilities
  • Technical up-gradation of machinery and equipments as well as group members 

JMCL is presently does not involved in any production activity. However it can do the same if it deemed fit for company’s objectives.


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