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President Message

Dear Friends

 In the initial days of JANMITRAM, when core team was in wake to decide organization’s vision, we often debated whether financial support is essential for rural development or the Social Empowerment..? Those long debates never resulted to conclusion hence the vision embodies both with equity.

The chosen path led us to wide array targeted interventions. It took us to situation that none of the mates had experienced before.  We after all, were bunch of young enthusiasts rather then finance acumen or seasoned social workers. However, learning grew with time and today we see the significance of decision made five years ago.  A massive part of rural population not only need financial support but also need a complete overhaul of approach and aptitude. It is why the self help groups are in focus of every activity of JANMITRAM.

SHGs are not only thrift and lending clubs for us. They are beacon of empowerment. They provide forum to learn and expand trust, sharing, and unity for a common goal. And surprisingly, their goal is not restricted to socioeconomic change.  Sky is there limit.
So is the limit for our organization. JANMITRAM has grown strength to strength with each passing year. In this fifth year of existence JANMITRAM has more then 10,000 direct beneficiaries to serve under its regular programmes. Our family of volunteers also crossed the figure of hundred. We are engaged in variety of activities in health, livelihood and NRM sector. More and more partners are keen to join hands.

It puts more responsibility on our shoulders. The trust our beneficiaries have on us, the faith various funding agencies and government have placed on JANMITRAM need to be kept. This is why we organized TOTs and volunteer’s orientation workshop more frequently. George Bernard Shaw once said that “This is the true joy of Life, being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one, being true force of nature instead of a feverish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy”.

The year 2009-10 was successful and satisfying year for me. But we have higher goals set for forthcoming year. i wish all my fellow workers of JANMITRAM will devote themselves to these goals which will ultimately led our nation towards prosperity, equity and strength.

Dr. Mukesh Goswami

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