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Jan Mitram Provides variety of services to those who are oppressed, deprived and left behind development process. This task needs support from all quarters. If you empathize  such people and want to join hands with Jan Mitram , following are the ways
  •  HR Support
  • Volunteering

Jan Mitram welcomes volunteering of likeminded people. Professionals of various field can support our livelihood programs with there knowledge and networking. 
Youngsters who want to spare the part and period of life  for  society, can come and spend a few days serving those who are underprivileged .  This support  could  help one to understand the life and vulnerability of such people, find out the ways, what and how you would do something when you come back to your place.
Student and research scholars are also invited. While doing there studies and research, they many a times help us to take a fresh look to our interventions and finding out new perspectives over issues we deal. 

  • Jobs

Wide array of our services demands professionals of different field to carry out operations on day by day basis. We need energetic people, who have a burning desire to fight against social evils, poverty and all those issues we have incorporated in our vision and mission.
“Friends of People” at Jan Mitram (We prefer not to say EMPLOYEE) are supported with Honorarium (we prefer not to say SALARIES) that is adequate for there sustenance and meet expenses.
Those interested for jobs at Jan Mitram must understand that they can find better job and salaries elsewhere, what we offer is pain and empathy for poor, 24X7. Those interested can send there resume at

  • Financial support

Jan Mitram needs financial supports to carry out operations according to its vision and mission, meeting honorarium of social workers and other expenses. Though our operations are supported by a number of government and agencies, they support only those interventions that have place in there own agenda.

 So we request you to support our endeavors. Here are the ways you can support us

  • Donations
  • Returnable grants
  • Soft loans
  • Support in Kind
  • Donations

Donations to Jan Mitram are exempted under section 80 G of income tax act. You shall be getting 50% of donation amount deducted from your taxable income of assessment year.

Donations are utilized for meeting non recurring expenses of programme those are not supported by any of other institutions. If you feel any of issue comes close to your heart , you are free to specify the purpose of donation.

Name of the donor can be displayed on the separate section of website on donor’s willingness. (Click to see list of recent donors). You can also upload your photograph over there. You may ask for audited statement of the expenses made on your donations, but after completion of financial year. Those want to personally attend the programme are welcomed.

Donate Now

  • Returnable grants

Jan Mitrm supports women SHGs and small entrepreneurs with training and financial linkages. Returnable grants from your side shall be forwarded to these trainees and small entrepreneurs to start or scale-up there business and step out of poverty circle. Over a period of time, they become able to return the financial support which Jan Mirtam gives to back to you.

RGs are taken not less then Rs 50,000 (Fifty thousand only) or $ 1000, and period of repayment should not be less then one year. However, the size of grant and the repayment period should be negotiated before making  RG.

Kindly note that RGs are not eligible for any tax benefit.

Make a RG

  • Soft loans

Under livelihood enhancement programme, Jan Mitram has promoted many informal associations of SHGs and Artisans. There is also a section 25 (Not for Profit) Company- Raigarh Integrated shellac association. These associations provide technology up-gradation, market, infrastucturel and other support to its members. Normally they utilize there corpus or bank loans to meet there needs.

You can provide support to these groups through Jan Mitram. The lone amount should not be less then Rs 300000 (Rs three Lakhs Only) or $ 5000. The period of the lone should not is less then 3 years. You can specify your desired repayment schedule. The Rate of interest is equal to saving bank account interest given by commercial banks = 3.5% PA.

Remember that we are not NBFC and these soft loans shall not be deemed as deposits. It is a charity of your will, where you sacrifice opportunity cost of your money if it has been invested on other profitable purpose. You will not be eligible to get any tax benefit either.         

Give us soft loan

  •  Support in kind

Crisis management cell of Jan Mitram extends support and relief to victims of natural calamities and vulnerable children. You can provide used clothes, shoes , food material , sleeping bags, tents, dari, chattai, mattresses, bedshtees, warm cloths etc. please contact our HO for supporting us in kind.


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