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Report on Children’s Health and Nutrition awareness program Supported by “Hope for Children” Action taken Report

Brochure About Hope Programme

Children are seed of future generations, makers of future societies and nations. It is why George Bernard Shaw once famously said, “A Child is Asset of Nation”.  Being so, child-care is a prime concern of any welfare state. Indian government has also started number of programs regarding Children’s education & health. Jan-Mitram (Friends of people) is volunteering on these issues since its inception, especially on health. Combating malnutrition is always our primary focus.

Parents in any society, obviously wish their children to remain healthy. But some set of factors like severe poverty, lake of awareness, and ethnic belief fall in way. Tribal region of Chhattisgarh is a typical example. Here, Infant Mortality Rate is 64 out of 1000. which reflects around 3 lakhs children are fall in death during one year time span. Where as in developed nation 10 out of 1000 reflects the high rate of death in their society.  Despite repeated efforts, government and voluntary organizations still has a long way to go.
lakhs of infants-child are out of the system to reach the entire development process. Primery reason is lake of proper awareness. In Chhattisgarh. This mames a question mark that “Is it a punishment for new born baby in Chhattisgarh state” obviously the may be “NO”

Jan-Mitram, is running a comprehensive R-Ch Project in tribal-land of Raigarh district. We have selected 800 women volunteers to take care every of women and children in every hamlet. Institutional deliveries and pre natal care are primary focus of this program.

Objectives of these programe were:

  • To provide health and nutritional consultation to 0-6 year children, pregnant mother and mother suffering malnutrition.
  • To aware the backward communities on rual heath, sanitation and malnutrition.
  • To provide medical check up and immediate heath care facilities to the underfeeding child in selected graded family.
  • To provide proper training to the mitanins and rural patient attendants on child vaccination, best child feeding, worm problems, sanitation, protected delivery to pregnant women and enormous diseases like Diarrhea, Malaria, Pneumonia and other harmful diseases.

The programme was proposed for two months and its estimated cost was Rs 1,62,000.00 ($ 2000 USD). The total amount was released by HOPE, charitable trust of UK. The programme was runned by programme coordinator, field coordinator and with the support of mitanin (Voluntary heath worker) working in Janmitarm.


A. Identification of Panchayats/villages:
The Hope for children programme is prepared for the area of the socio –economically backward communities severely suffered from malnutrition and poor sanitation. In respect to the criteria and achievement rate Janmitram selected two blocks in Raigarh District. Where the organization has a base for health care service through mitanin programme. The selection criteria of the hope for children programme was

  • Village with  80%  SC/ST population, 15% other backward caste and rest 5% general residents
  • Families fall under Below Poverty Line.
  • Population dominated with Malnutrition child, pregnant women and Adult girls taking as proper parameter.
  • Back ward in health, education and sanitation.



 No of panchayat

No of village









 B . Beneficiaries:
During selection process Jan-Mitram not only selected the child group but also the Pregnant mother, Adult girl for promoting health care facility cum awareness programme .The suitable criteria’s are:

  • Child in the age group of 0 -6 yrs suffering malnutrition problem
  • Child from under privileged / BPL families.
  • Children of the  daily wage labour caste society
  • School going poor  children
  • Poor and destitute pregnant mother and Adult girl

The list of the beneficiaries selected through the mitanin (voluntary heath worker) with the support of primary heath department in Gharghoda and Lailunga block of Raigarh District.

Sl no

Name of Block

Panchayat covered

 No of  Beneficiaries









Details of the selected groups:



0-6 a.g


 BPL families

School going children



















C. Training of Trainers:

After completion of selection process a three days training programme was organized from 27th to 29th July 2007 in Mahadev Dharmasala, Gharghda .The total no of 20 village level trainers from Lailunga and Gharghoda took their participation in the training .The subject of the training programme was “ Process to keep mother and child away from malnutrition,  and poor health ” In three days training a brief discussion has been made on careing of mother during pregnancy ,Health care facility from newly born to school admission ,Protect the child from serious mane made and natural diseases .
Dr. Prem Bodalkar, Block Medical Officer, Gharghoda lighted the candle and formally inaugurated the ToT.  Dr. V.N Nayak took the first session and briefly expressed the specific aspect to take care during pregnancy to born a healthy baby. Then after Dr. S. Lakra giving progress to the session explain the measures of malnutrition and prevention technique to free it from developed society .

The trainer from Janmitram Kalyan samiti also took participation as resource person and described how the this process continue in the backward community of Gharghoda and Lailunga and the strategy to provide better health care to the targeted child in the concerned area .

D. Training to Beneficiaries:

The training programme of the beneficiaries continued from 4th to 9th  Sept 2007 in six Panchayats of Gharghoda and and Lailunga Block. the respective panchayats are
Bhengari , Pusalda and Kusum-Ghat  from Gharghoda and Ghiarmuda ,

Kilkila and Salakhia from Lailunga Block .Around 30 to 35 members of Health mitanin , Prerak ,Pregnant mother ,Village experts, PRIs , Local representatives ,Anganbadi members ,Medical staffs and school children participated and trained in the training camp .The training was focused to check infant mortality rate due to mal nutrition and let free the panchayat from this man made epidemics . Resource material has been distributed during the training..


 Name of the block

Name of the panchayat

No of trainees Participated











Kosam Ghat














E. Distribution of Health Care tools :

During health programme in Specific village/Panchayat. Janmitaram with the support of Health staff distributed baby food and nutritional items to the malnutrition affected child and their respective mothers the beneficiaries got the primary treatment with the supplied items in their villages. These items were also distributed during the heath camp. General medicine of fever, glucose and electoral power also distributed in these programme. Biscuits and Chocolates were also distributed in various places

F .Health Camp:

On Dated 23rd and 29th Sept 2007, A Health camp was organized in Jharan and kosom ghat Panchayat of two blocks. Mr. S. Lakra, Child Specialist, Mr. Prem Bodlakar, Medicine Specialist, Dr Kesri and senor members attended the camp .the programme fulfills the objective of the hope for children programme. The camp focused on :

  • General Health Check up
  • Eye test
  • Skin Test
  • Weight measurement
  • Blood Test
  • ANC Check up
  • Nutrition check up

The primary treatment done by the camp doctors and the serious patient refereed to the specialist of different department. The village distance from 30 km attended the camp and checks their diseases. The total no of 380 people registered in one day camp organized by Janmitram


H. Monitoring and Documentation:                                                                              

The total programme was monitored time to time by the organization itself. The report also prepares time to time for press and media publicity .The report also submitted to the CMO Raigarh and BMO Gharghoda and Lailunga   The total action plan and activity has been done according to the plan and as per the beneficiaries.          

Outcome of the Project:

  • After completion of the programme, Awareness generated for health and precautional measures to 0-6 year children, pregnant mother and mother suffering malnutrition.

  • Most of the BPL and backward beneficiaries got opportunity of free medical check up and immediate heath care facilities to the underfeeding child in selected graded family supported by the charity and state health department.
  • After training programme rural pregnant mother are encouraged and preferring for institutional delivery not by private traditional private practitioner.  
  •   Training to the mitanins and rural patient attendants on child vaccination, best child feeding, worm problems, sanitation, protected delivery to pregnant women improved the status of child and mother death rate.
  • After awareness drive rural community of Gharghoda and Lailunga block encouraged and demanded for House hold latrine through in their houses and drainage line for better swerage in their community through TSC.

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