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The rapid growth of population in India, without corresponding growth of resources and wealth has distorted the population- resource balance. This imbalance is resulting in poverty, hunger, malnutrition, and many other forms of socio- economic evils in results of this imbalances India ranked 132 among 179 contries in the human development index ..

Though government is putting enormous effort for poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihood more than one in four people in the country continue to live below poverty line there is still big gap to fill and face endless sufferings. Chhattisgarh state is no different from other parts of India. 

The catastrophic situation stands behind the vicious circle where the tribal state like Chhattisgarh on the path. The challenges of providing two times food for existence are a matter of thought in the state. The major imbalances which could  be focused to break the circle was improve the livelihood  status of 1,50,000 rural lives , Rural employment assurance  and skill up gradation to 35,000 registered unemployed in DICS, Income generation of approx 3000 families in the state .   

In such scenario, few likeminded enthusiastic youth decided to intervene and join hands as informal association. The group aimed towards providing services to poor, weaker, and marginal sections of society including women. They strive to strengthen poor through education, training, vocational rehabilitation and filling them up with self-reliance. This was the year 2000, and with each passing day, more and more people join hands.

The group decided to opt for registration and had it in October 2002. This formal association was named Janmitram i.e. friends of people. Since then, it is working with Government and community for development cause. The social couse which the organization empathizes:-

  1. Promotion of Rural Livelihood and their sustainability to alleviate rural  poverty
  2. Skill up gradation and training to youth for self reliant to stop migration
  3. Main streaming the Backward community on health, education and income generation (Tribal) to up rise the Human Development  index .
  4. Awareness to rural community for self governance to strengthen the Panchayatiraj system.
  5. Natural Resource management to sustain environment and livelihood .

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